I hate this f***ing and senseless discussion about having a beard or not, and even more talking about  being a hipster because having a beard ... ??? A beard is just a beard! A sign of manliness, something you live with, something you have to care about ... a part of you. I just feel sorry for those, who wear a beard as a sign of fashion or trend. Me, I wear different beard forms since the early 90s, but never without since this time. Everything started with a typical „GRUNGE” beard and I asserted that my head looked a bit smaller with it – an optical decision for the first time. I tried a lot of beard styles from the mustache over a “Coop” to this full beard today, sometimes shorter, sometimes longer, sometimes fuller, sometimes straight. So my devise is: “STAY BEARDED” and show the world that your beard however it looks like is YOUR statement, YOUR statement of personality and not a f***ing fashion trend. I was so happy when I found this great snapback at the THE OLD STREET BARBER CO website. They do grooming products for bearded men. I will test these soon. The caps are limited editions. At the flat peak I am working on, because I don't like this style so much. It is high quality made, THE OLD STREET BARBER CO labeled inside and the 3D “STAY BEARDED” embroidery is awesome. And great they give me 2 pins with the caps that made my day already! pics | LTG





Yesterday I went to the customs to pick up my “Greaser Mick” collaboration t-shirt. Following TSY “THE SELVEDGE YARD” from the first days on I am interested in checking cool blogs, I was so happy to get this extraordinary t-shirt. What a cool motive for me as a great DISNEY and Rockabilly aficionado. The illustration was made by NICK THE TAILOR a Philadelphian artist and tattooist – very well done Nick! The shirt is high quality printed in Philadelphia on a 100% cotton American Apparel stuff made in the USA. Because of a good working networking I saw this great shirt the first time at DON SCHWEDEs Facebook site linked to his great blog “THE LAST DON” – thx. pics | LTG



It seems to be a RED WING SHOES release week. Guys, the next new styles arrived at the stores: the COOPER, available in “AMBER HARNESS | #2954” and “BLACK HARNESS | #2964“. The classic design of the iconic RWS styles #875 and #877, which were popular in the past among sport and hunting enthusiasts, later construction workers, with that nowadays so beloved Cushion Crepe Sole, fueled the development of RED WING SHOES new COOPER collection. Okay – the COOPER – named for the woodworkers, who build barrels and casks. Compared to the #875 the COOPER shows two elementary differences: a smart profiled Vibram® 430 Mini-lug sole and speed hooks. I like the look of these new 6 inch Moc Toe boots a lot, especially the black #2964. Check these USA made boots @ Red Wing Store Frankfurt in store or 24/7 online. And for sure these boots can be resoled @ Red Wing Store Frankfurt! pics | Red Wing Heritage | blog.lostartpress.com



He guys, it is OLYMPIA time. I own an official USA TEAM outfitter track jacket from 2004. Damn, time is running. I did a trip to California in 2004 and stopped by in Los Angeles. At the same time the Olympic Games took place in Athens – historic! As it was just a few days ago, I know exactly the look of the shop where I bought this jacket – but I am sorry, that I can't remember the name and location of the shop. I think it was a “ROOT” flag ship store, but I am not sure. I love the states from being a child on and when I saw this track jacket, it was a “Must-Buy”. No wonder, that I liked the look and the well-done details even nowadays. Okay, today wondering about the fact, that this jacket was not MADE IN USA ... but what a pleasure, it was made in Canada by ROOTS – and not somewhere cheap in Asia – I think you know the discussion about the TRUMP cap Made in China “Make America great again” – what a f***ing bad joke. This USA TEAM track jacket stands out for its excellent quality – right now after 12 years. “Roots went on to be the official outfitter for members of the Canadian Olympic and Paralympic Teams from 2000 to 2004, and was the official outfitter for the Canadian Speed Skating Team in 2006. Roots outfitted the United States Olympic and Paralympic Teams in 2002, 2004, and 2006. Other teams that Roots outfitted include the British Olympic Team (2002, 2004), and the Barbados Olympic Team (2004).” I wear this jacket often, when I go to the gym and I feel the looks on it – this jacket is extraordinary here in Germany. Red, white and blue worn with proud by a black, red and gold one ... ! pics | LTG | © Getty Images