Hi guys, I am back! After 6 months of working so much on different projects I will continue LIFE TIME GEAR blog. I am so sorry, that LTG blog was “sleeping” and I was really surprised, that a lot of people asked and wrote me, if LTG is dead and that I should keep going on the blog – I will do! Okay, one of these projects was the creative direction of the “TEN” magazine I did for TELLASON and AMTRAQ DISTRIBUTION because of the 10th Anniversary of TELLASON. It was a great pleasure to do this for Pete, Tony and Uwe –you must know, since 2012 I didn't wear another jean than my two pairs Tellason Gustave. We have have had an exciting time with a lot of work and best teamwork with people around the world. Last week the magazine was launched at the “TEN” anniversary party during Selvedge Run 2019. Here just some pages to look at. © Photo TEN Title | Leonardo Nave



Some days ago I shot the last week launched upper tier Red Wing Moc Toe #8819 for the Red Wing Shoe Store Frankfurt. What a nice boot! It is made of Oro-Russet Portage and Oro Russet Abilene Leather and comes with leather laces plus original Red Wing nylon laces packed in a special old-school white Red Wing Box. The new model is a totally new and unique product. The combination on a Moc toe of Rough Out and Smooth leather has been done before in 1981, but this was a complete different execution on a different out sole. If you are interested in this special boot you have to be quick, because it is strictly limited. Once it is sold out, it is over. The boot is available @ Red Wing Shoe Store Frankfurt online and in-store. pics | © Life Time Gear for Red Wing Shoe Store  Frankfurt



What a surprise this morning. Online Magazine “SAPEUR – One Step Beyond” launched a full length interview with B74 Selected Goods owner Kami Hashemi. What a nice read! Everyone who knows Kami recognizes the authenticity in his wording. It is a pitty that the interview is just in German, but maybe you can ask a German speaking friend to translate. It is really interesting. Kami also owns the first Red Wing Shoe Store outside the USA located in Frankfurt and the FREITAG by B74 Selected Goods Store. The B74 also drives an online shop: www.b74.de ... Feel free to visit these great stores if you are in Frankfurt, Germany, or stop by online! all pics | Christian Schramm Photography



Because of the Pecos Post today @redwingfrankfurt on Instagram and Facebook I decided to do a more detailed post at LTG Blog. So you have some views how nice this great boot ages. The iconic Red Wing “PECOS” boot style has a long history. In 1930 this “pull on” boot was introduced especially at this time for ranchers, cowboys and drilling roughnecks. The Pecos features till today a simple but at the same time so nice and timeless design, has a very comfortable fit and the more it get rugged the better it looks – as you see in the pics below. This boot is still made the same way as in these early days with quality leathers in our factory in Red Wing. And the time when a Pecos was worn just for working is long ago. It is the perfect boot for the urban prairie, for biker or just to stroll around. At the end of the last year it was  launched a very special Pecos: this limited #4327 Red Wing x Eat Dust Pecos in this wonderful Oro russet Abilene roughout leather. The nicest Pecos ever I think! The Pecos is available at Red Wing Shoe Store Frankfurt online and in-store. AND it is strictly limited! pics | LTG + Jelle Keppens for Red Wing Heritage