WOLF vs GOAT | dandy work pant goes chino

first time i saw the DANDY WORK PANT last autumn at FARINELLI'S. very nice, hm, a work pant for 220 bucks? now checking some blogs, i stumbled over a sneak peek by WOLF vs GOATs: there will be not another work pant but a new chino you'll get in different colours. The chinos are expected to go into production in February and FARINELLI'S are hoping they will be in their hands, ready to sell, by the end of the same month. FYI: Wolf vs. Goat is the culmination of over twelve years of experience in the fashion industry by designers Mauro Farinelli (Farinelli's owner) and Heather Karpoff.
beside, at FARINELLI'S you get the new WOLVERINE 1000 MILE BOOTs. nice shop. ej

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