last year i got the book SPEEDSEEKERS by ALEXANDRA LIER. i remember it was a commendation by a friend of mine. not very enthusiastic, he just told me, ”if you have some time, check ALEXs new book, maybe it could be interesting to you.“ yeah, WOW, it was, no, it is. ALEX lives SPEED. over 274 pages action packed with “scenes from the drag strips of bakersfield to the bonneville salt flats to los angeles, most devotional garages, revving engines and burning rubber with the worlds of foremost mechanics, racers and adrenaline junkies“ (ginkopress) ! SPEEDSEEKER is not just for gear heads because it covers the music, the artists and pinstripers, and of cours the pin-up girls. and actually you can watch the 127 pages VOICEMAGAZINE special edition „I WANNA GO FAST – SPEEDSEEKERS“ online. BUT the online mag is nice but don't miss the SPEEDSEEKERS book because it is much more exciting with much more stuff.    ej

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