in no case i am a sneaker lover. i just got some basics: nike vintage challengers and jack purcells.
but to post this news means a great pleasure for me. my friend DANI, owner of ASPHALTGOLD
here in darmstadt, germany, celebrates in november 2010 2 years ASPHALTGOLD with an
anniversary AIR MAX 1 ID. i do not know nearly nothing about sneakers, so DANI explain yourself:
“For two-year anniversary in November, Nike Germany gave me the opportunity to tinker an
anniversary Air Max 1 ID. Result is a colorway which clearly communicates the shops name.
Because asphaltgold was born in winter,  robust material should be used. Main part of the shoe
exists of high-quality boot leather. The white midsole,  the mesh upper and the soft suede
quarter panel were chosen classical. The shoe should not forget where he come from *J*.  The
anniversary Air Max 1 ID is limited to 10 pairs. Each pair with an individual serial stiching on the
heelcaps and embedded in an elaborate packaging. The Shoes are not for sale... but there
are some other opportunities (check sneakerized.com or the January Issue of the streetwear
today magazin).”

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