BOOT OF THE DAY | #08 | LIFETIMEGEAR's first Red Wing Shoe Style 8804

yes, with this boot my passion for work boots started more than 20 years ago. this rws is
called the “FRANKFURTER“. i bought it, i think it was in 1988, in frankfurt/main at the
RED WING STORE which was owned by an unfriendly american. he was really original and
believe me, he did not sell RED WINGs to everyone. i remember one day, when we wanted
to buy a pair rws for my wife he just told us: “we have no shoes for women“ he turned around
and everything was said. time changed and we are happy, that KAMI (owner) and RALF do
a really good job since a lot of years now at the one and only RED WING STORE in germany.
this store is the mothership of all the others coming up the last two years. pics | LTG

THE 8804

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Unknown said...

Why Red WingS instead of Red Wing?