maybe paneristi will kill me, but i think NATO STRAPS fit my LUMINOR
MARINA very well. it wasn't so easy to find 24mm heavy duty nylon straps.
certainly i got them from the US via ebay. super quality for 18 US $ each:
24mm nato ballistic nylon 3 ring strap - strongest nylon heavy duty buckle,
total length 10.5 inches. colors available in black, grey, olive, sand, orange
and burgundy. the trapes are really great for summer totally waterproof.
now i am looking out for a 24mm horween leather shell cordovan nato styled
watch strape. i heard i can get'em in europa. this would be great to save
customs, in USA at watches24seven a strap costs about 200 US $.
pics | LTG, watches24seven

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HRG said...

This is not a nota strap. It is zulu strap.

There is a small difference :)