ASSOS cannot offer the HERITAGE JERSEY in the original textile blend because the company
which originally supplied ASSOS is, sadly, no longer in business. the textile ASSOS used has
similar characteristics  and some improvements to the original 1980’s fabric. Often imitated,
never equaled. some companies choose a “vintage” look and materials to be fashionable, to
make believe they were there, but they were not. with each heritagePack ASSOS commemorates
cycling apparel history as written by ASSOS. Original ASSOS equipped teams, original designs.
Heritage EditionOne is the first in a limited series, available for two summer seasons only.
and i owned my first pack: the RENAULT-ELF jersey which LAURENT FIGNON was wearing.
what a nice package – nearly too nice to open. ASSOS and their creatives did a great job again!
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