LTG wishes you all the best for 2011 – 
thx for so many visits at life-time-gear.com in 2010!

special greetings to FRED from redwing1905.blogspot.com, JUNICHI from
fortalitia54 and to KLAUS and KAMI. thx to all of you and all the other bloggers
for intensive exchanges of experiences and the news and inspirations you
gave to me. let's rock 2011!

1983 ... unbelievable: bono's voice was so fresh and powerful in the playback.
i loved the first three albums of U2 and especially  this song. U2 and the
STRAY CATS were my favorite bands in the early eighties. i saw them
together in a legendary concert at LORELEY, germany. it was in 1983 –
a revelation! but today U2 degenerated to a high-tech and circus group ...

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