news from RED WING SHOES: the photographic documentary FROM THE HEARTLAND
can now be seen online: www.redwing-thestorycontinues.com

From the Heartland
   “From the Heartland” is a photographic documentary capturing the spirit and culture of Red Wing’s
heartland. After exhibiting in Berlin and Copenhagen recently,  Red Wing will collaborate with
the Red Wing Shoe Store in Amsterdam to celebrate the launch of the online exhibition on 
www.redwing-thestorycontinues.com. On February 10th the Red Wing Shoe Store in Amsterdam
will host the exhibition.
   As evidenced by their enduring loyalty to their traditional designs,  the culture at Red Wing Shoes
has not changed much over the years. That is reflected in the way the boots are made with 
machinery often dating back to the early 1900s. Both the tannery and the plant employ multiple
generations of families. It is not uncommon to see classmates from forty years ago work in the 
tannery side by side. These people take great pride in producing genuine,  handmade American 
footwear. This combination of tradition, loyalty, pride and craftsmanship is the foundation of the 
‘From the Heartland’ exhibition.
   The story of Red Wing Shoe Company began in 1905. Charles Beckman, a local merchant saw 
firsthand the need for durable and comfortable boots. He founded the Red Wing Shoe Company 
to tailor footwear to the needs of hunters,  farmers and tradesmen. In 1986,  Red Wing Shoe 
Company took over the leather tannery located across the street from the plant. The tannery has 
provided leather for the boots since Red Wing’s inception in 1905. Since then, word of the quality 
and comfort built into every pair has spread around the globe.

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