BOOT COLLECTION #02 | VOLKER WIEGMANN c/o vintagepanerai.com

VOLKER WIEGMANN has a very nice collection of RED WING SHOES. this is indeed not a
mainstream or fashion line up. these boots were well choosen by their owner. volker is
working as a production manager and coordinator of a very fine printing plant i often work
with. he is well known as one of the 2 men behind VINTAGEPANERAI.COM. with his buddy
RALF EHLERS he wrote 2 excellent panerai books and a third one is in progress. volker
is wearing RWS since 18 years and he never sold a pair. he got his first pair in 1993 from
PETER HECKMANN at darmstadt's SURFERSPOINT which was closed years ago. peter
was a missionary for RWS in germany and especially in darmstadt. he has still a shop
but offers no RWS anymore. pics | Volker Wiegmann

RED WING SHOES STYLE 3167 from 03/93

RED WING SHOES STYLE 899 from 05/94

RED WING SHOES STYLE 8124 – great, this RWS has black sole – very rare today!

RED WING SHOES STYLE 8137  unkonwn date

RED WING SHOES STYLE 4473 from 01/04

RED WING SHOES 2x STYLE 875 unkonwn date

RED WING SHOES 2x STYLE 1908, i think Volker's favourite boot!


RED WING SHOES 2x STYLE 9015 from 11/07

Volker with Omeris Arpesella, undersea diver from 1941 and PANERAI-owner - one of the worldwide oldest paneristi ...

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