damn, again a new boot. it is a pity when you know someone like KLAUS and KAMI selling boots. selling even those boots you mostly like. yes, i did: this brown YUKETEN called “JOHNNY” has found its way into my cupboard. JOHNNY is so beautiful, so easy to wear and comfortable, so classic styled, so heritage ... simply a PEFECT BOOT. not so heavy as a WHITE's and by far not so work boot look-a-like as a RED WING SHOE. some more facts: chrome excel leather, leather laces, medallion tip, width D, goodyear welt construction, CATS PAW SOLE,  leather insole with cushioned footbedand leather laces, handmade in CANADA. JOHNNY is a welcome change in my boot line up. volls.de got the JOHNNY in brown and in black – hm, and the black one is really pretty, too. pics | volls.de