sometimes when i see those pics or the video below it prickles me. long time ago i was riding a HARLEY, a vintage BMW “GUMMIKUH”, a rice-cooking big HONDA chopper, a VESPA 200 ... i think this were my bikes. because of my family i gave up motorcycling and bought me a vintage big block GMC pick up truck but the love for motorbikes never died. after three heavy roadbicycle crashes it is hard to speculate riding a motorbike again. damn. you know australia's DEUS EX MACHINA®? i think so. if you don't know check their site. really nice design, great bikes, exciting stories, awesome t-shirts and accessories. at their blog you can check more news about the SCORPIO project THE WHITE HALLWAY. hm, the guy is wearing the right boots: a RED WING 877 or 875 – good looking! pics & video | Deus Ex Machina®

The Scorpio - Part 1 from Deus Customs on Vimeo.