... if photos, illustrations or texts are not made by yourself. which is not a crime, for sure not. blogging just works with inspiration by others. for LIFE TIME GEAR it is a great pleasure to surf around the WWW finding new inspirations to show and present my followers getting response. if i have the possibility to do my own photos it is even better. both ways work. since last saturday more than 500.000 people took a look at my posts in 26 months – thx! when i take stuff from other blog sites, tumblr, shops or what else i respect the people who did or create this stuff and so DAMN, I NAME THEM!!! even eBay seller names. i get sick, when i find COPIES FROM SO-CALLED CREATIVES WHO ARE TOO PROUD OR TO LAZY TO NAME THEIR SOURCES. in german we say: “SCHMÜCKEN MIT FREMDEN FEDERN” ... it's a SHAME! here is a nice example i found yesterday. neither great NYC LEFFOT is named, nor the photographer of the rugged 1.000 mile boot and the ebay auction nor LIFE TIME GEAR who did this collection last friday certainly naming all the sources. all is said. and because of respect i do not name the copy site, sorry. pics | LTG, LEFFOTebay balearic 1