after my 3rd bad roadbike crash in april 2011 and my 7th surgery because of road biking i quit it and sold my carbon TIME ASSOS racer. i still have one SEROTTA OTTROTT but this one is stripped down. so i started to run last summer in august with some breaks because of too much trouble with my broken clavicle and shoulder when running. but after i got the metal out this april running began to make fun. it is still sometimes hard because of some weights too much but it goes better and better. i enjoy wearing my running shirts because nearly everyone who watches on my shirt gets a smile, a laugh or shows me his thumb up - great. and i love the NIKE running app which shows me some running data – very interesting and informative. this awesome summer morning i did a run with PETER my copywriter. we often run together for brainstorming or briefing talks. we call this job'n'jog – it makes fun and sense. enjoy your weekend! pics | LTG, nike running app

just my serotta ottrott “hotrod” is left ... what a beautiful bike ...

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