YEAH – i got it. VOLKER WIEGMANN &  RALF EHLERS c/o vintagepanerai.com finished the production of their new book WATCHES WITH HISTORY – HISTORY1. it's really hard to find the right words describing this wonderful 420 pages strong brilliant book. i always get excited when i take it to watch at. there are more than 250 historical photos, maps, documents – some of them top secret in the past –, a lot of informative vintage and new illustrations and alot of interesting stuff to read. i think this book is not only interesting for PANERISTI but although for people who are interested in submarines, the history of WWII and “german kampfschwimmer”. the book documents the stories of three of them, their training, the missions. the fourth story is about the commander of the italian submarine “AMBRA”. all stories are very personal and exciting. you can find a lot of more information at vintagepanerai.com. and the best: there you can order the book, but hurry up before it is sold out! i think the first book of WIEGMANN / EHLERS is sold out. whatever?! i got all of them – yep. bad pics | LTG

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