after breaking the 500 km mark in between 4 months intensive running and documenting the runs i decided to order a NIKE ID running shoe. after 3 weeks order time i got it. i was really excited how the shoes looks like ... PERFECT. i designed my LUNARGLIDE+ 4 in bright orange/red combined with a black/white sole and a white swoosh. but the best is my name on the tongue. it is possible to place 4 letters on each tongue – i do not need more for my complete name. yesterday i wore it the first time and i ran a half marathon distance. it was a brave decision to do this distance with a brand new shoe, but i must tell you that the LUNARGLIDE+ 4 is really comfortable, much better than LUNARGLIDE 3. i have had absolutely no problems with my feet. pics | LTG



nearly on this day in three weeks on the 20th of october berlin based BURG & SCHILD will celebrate their 5th anniversary. KAY, SHANE and the shop staff did something really special for this celebration day: they created four exclusive and strictly limited articles in collaboration with EDWIN, STETSON INDIGOFERRA and RED WING SHOES – THE BLACK COLLECTION. respect – i like those activities! this shows me the passion and respect for the products the people have running a store like BURG & SCHILD. especially the BLACK LOGGER #2007 is a big thing for me and i think for the B&S guys it is the highlight of the BLACK COLLECTION. at this moment the boot is a top secret. so i just can show you an illustration how this black beauty will look a like. below you see a classic black RWS logger from the 70ies. beside some other facts: strictly limited to 99 pairs (sorry, 100, but i reserved one for LIFE TIME GEAR), made of black star leather with matt finished gold hardware, a RWS neoprene cord sole you know from the 2268 engineer and a 8" height like iconic  #899. the base of the look was a boot KAY found on a flea market near joshua tree some time ago. RWS gave the shoe the style number #2007, the founding year of BURG & SCHILD. in german we say “gro├čes kino”. exciting! the boot will be launched at the anniversary date on 20th of october 2012. pics | Burg & Schild, Berlin; LOST&FOUND

this is a vintage lineman RED WING boot from the 1970s. style #699. maybe the #2007 will have a similar character. very nice. not for pussies ...



some days ago my french friends from L.A. based F-B-C label launched new stuff @ their shopsite. other shirts as we know from earlier collections but at least even nice. CHARLES and LARRY NIEHAUS are presenting shirts not only with old school motive prints but block stripes in different designs and colors and some shirts without any prints in a kind of henley style. very nice. all shirts are made of 100% cotton, dyed with ecological pigment and the prints are made individually by hand. the NIEHAUS brothers “respect all the techniques of traditional work to have a genuine result”. my self i own some F-B-C shirts and i must tell you that the designs and the kind of printing are really eye-catching and beside the stuff is really comfortable to wear. more shirts, other stuff and informations @ fatboy-clothing.com . all pics | F-B-C



nice beard, a great voice – a really cool guy: singer and songwriter SEAN ROWE from new york. he just did a new record named THE SALESMAN AND THE SHARK. an us magazine – i do not know which one, i read this in a CD recession – just call him “MAN, THE VOICE” and they are right. the record, it is SEAN's second was recorded in L.A. in the famous VOX STUDIOS where the BEACH BOYS, the STONES, NEIL YOUNG and TOM WAITS recorded a lot of their stuff. so it is no surprise that the sound is really awesome. damn what a guitar solo at the end of DOWNWIND. you can watch the video below and listen to this genius song. beside, see some reviews below. pics | Sean Rowe



what a nice accessoire: the POCKET KNIFE NECKLACE available at KAUFMANN MERCATILE store. the knife is made by G. WISEMAN, oklahoma, and it is on a brass chain which is made by IN GOD WE TRUST, brooklyn. so awesome but expensive too. the knife has a D-2 steel blade, ivory micarta, brass pins and measures 2.5 inches. the chain measures 30 inches. for much more details and other great stuff visit the KAUFMANN MERCANTILE site. check the other G. WISEMAN handmade pocket knife, which can be stamped with yout initials – wonderful! pics | Kaufmann Merchantile



last week WOUTER sent me my new LJ BRAVE shirt and a key holder from his collab with BRAVE by great OBBI GOOD LABEL. it is a pitty that i do not need a new wallet ... the key holder is awesome handmade with best quality oxblood chromexcel HORWEEN leather. so nice the embossed LJ anchor and BRAVE logo. i am really excited about the aging  of this piece in everyday use. beside the oxblood version it is available in OGL natural Vegetable-Tanned and OGL HORWEEN black chromexcel leathers. corresponding to the key holder WOUTER offers a coin/card holder. very nice too. the OBBI GOOD LABEL used their new concept “BRAVE” in a collab with an european brand for the first time. the shirt is a sperfect as the white ones i bought some months ago. textile and print are best best quality and the fit is perfect. really: fitting and convincing. for more information about the collaboration, the stuff and the LJ shop, check the LONG JOHN site. the stuff is just produced in limited quantities. pics | LTG & LJ