GASMAC GILMORE | metal meets ska meets rock'n'roll meets polka meets disco ...

JOSEF GASTEIGER from laut.de describes this mix as perfect with this words: “these guys play SYSTEM OF A SKA”. Gogol Bordello meets Kaizers Orchestra meets System of a down. unbelievable: it is really hard to sit still when hearing GASMAC GILMORE's new album DEAD DONKEY. the band was founded 10 years ago in vienna, austria, and made 4 longplayer. never heard about till stumble upon the new album cover of DEAD DONKEY at laut.de. hm? GASMAC GILMORE – sounds curios i thought. i heard the first beats and it happened. i was hooked. hope to join a gig of GG one day live because this must be an acoustic and at the same time an optical unforgettable adventure - check the videos! pics & videos | GASMAC GILMORE

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