2 days ago i posted that KLAUS from volls.de has had a surprise for me: it was a present. a special present: the iconic # 101 from RED WING SHOES – the POSTMAN. it took me a long time to think about the fact if i like the shoe or not. i always asked me if i should give it a try. now KLAUS did the decision for me and i must tell you this classic shoe is an absolute must have for RED WING lovers. it looks great at the feet, is mega comfortable and full of heritage. thanks again KLAUS. i got my # 101 as a thx from KLAUS for our good teamwork and my support in marketing and design for volls.de. we did a lot the last time and i think our little team works perfect. i am curios about our next projects and exciting about the new designed packages. hope they will arrive soon! pics | LTG

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Chris said...

Those are killer ! I want a pair so bad but broke again!