i know that not all work boot maniacs and RED WING lovers like FALSE TONGUES. and for some guys here in europe these piece of leather is or was totally unknown. 2 weeks ago i saw an upcoming RED WING BOOT from the HERITAGE COLLECTION with a FALSE TONGUE or how some people say with KlLTYs: the LINEMAN #2906. i think this style will be delivered with false tongues. i like this special work boot style for a longer time owning some WHITE'S BOOTS which came with false tongues. you can't imagine how many guys asked me for this piece of leather the last years. most said: oh, these arefalse tongues? ah. no, i don't like. last tuesday i got some false tongues from FRED c/o redwing1905.blog as a present. today i checked on which boots or shoes they would fit. but i did not put it into the laces, it was just a check. and i like it a lot! thanks FRED and thanks for the nice vintage box. and i am sure that there will be more and more guys like them too in the nearer future. pics | LTG and FRED