some weeks ago VOLKER brought me his and RALF EHLERS new book VINTAGE PANERAI – WATCHES WITH HISTORY “HISTORY 2”. i wasn't in the office so VOLKER couldn't write me a personal signature to the book becuase it was originally packed. i wanted to wait for this blogpost till i got his signature. but he is in holidays now and i will be on friday. i had to do this post now, because i am so excited about the new HISTORY 2. in comparison to HISTORY 1 i began reading the book on the same day i got it. i was so attracted by, that i finished it one day later. most impressiv: the story about KAMPFSCHWIMMER JOCHEN BURNUS. my absolute highlight of the book. and i can tell you that the other stories are really exciting too and best researched, en detail. it is amazing what RALF and VOLKER do in their leisure time. and believe me these are not only books for PANERAI fans. if you are interested in WWII, diving and personal reports HISTORY 1 + 2 are best lecture. here is what the authors tell about HISTORY 2: “History 2 continues where History 1 ends – this book documents five previously unreleased stories of frogmen units of the 2nd world war. Their personal stories are building the columns of five moving chapters together with detailed views on their watches and instruments, using the latest extracts from the authors’ database of today existing vintage Panerai watches. Years of intensive research diary extracts, interviews with the veterans, combined with more than 290 historical photos, maps, documents from allied secret services and illustrations are writing Panerai’s unique history,  having been a supplier for an essential tool in dangerous underwater missions during the 2nd world war. 26 x 26 cm, 480 pages,  trilingual (= german, italian and english language in one book), hardback jacket,  slipcase.” A must have! you can order your personal copy at www.vintagepanerai.com. i am happy to own all books RALF & VOLKER did, because “THE REFERENCES” is sold out. and the first book isn't even listed in the VP bookstore anymore. pics | LTG



since days it is summer in germany. real summer. everyday about 25 – 30 °C with nice winds, really comfortable and smooth. beside the YUKETEN ANGLER MOCs i prefer wearing my BIRKENSTOCKS. love the brown suede colored lightweight leather and the white soles. 3 days are left before going on summer holidays to spain ... work is still stressing ... pics | LTG



between all the heavy work these days i took the time to visit good friends and checked up some new stuff at wonderful arranged new showroom B-74 SHOWROOM FOR SELECTED BRANDS in frankfurt/main, germany, yesterday evening. f***! so great stuff. AMTRAQ (Tellason, Tanner Goods,  DEHEN1920,  TOPO Designs, Rising Sun, REDS, Golden Bear Sports wear, Croots England, L.I. Sounders, FEINSCHMUCK, Kay Heldsdörfer, Rancourt & Co), Levis Vintage Clothing, Levis Made and Crafted, Otter Wax, Merz b. Schwanen, Gitta Plotniki, Scarti Lab and Blue Blanket show their stuff for ordering in a really great atmosphere. KAMI's B-74 is the right location for these brands and i think this won't be the last time. it is difficult to tell you about my favorites. but really impressing were: RISING SUN, SCARTI LAB, Merz b. Schwanen, Blue Blanket and Golden Bear. the awesome FEINSCHMUCK stuff i knew and a lot of UWE E. MAIER's AMTRAQ stuff too. most surprising was OTTER WAX. KAMI told me a lot about the different stuff they offer. from saddle soap to fragrances and beard oil. i was really impressed and i know that the beard oil and the forest smelling fragrance will find their way to my cupboard – damn good smelling! exciting was the new LVC collection: very-cowboy-look-a-like. but not traditional old school but for the 70s and 80s urban cowboy. difficult, but with some nice pieces. KAMI, Uwe, Dirk c/o MBS, Stefan, Andy ... arranged a well tasting barbecue with a lot of cold drinks and so i've had a short but really smooth evening over the roofs of frankfurt. pics | LTG