it would be a lie if i would say that i am not a bit proud of being co author of photobook DARMSTADT II DER ANDERE BLICK. as the title tells you this is the second DARMSTADT book of photographer CHRISTIAN GRAU and pilot ANDRÉ RISTO. all pics show DARMSTADT my hometown city from the view of a plane. and believe me this is great: it is as the german booktitle says THE OTHER VIEW. and the guys are really crazy, because sometimes they went down less than 300m to get the best view for the perfect shot. a flying altitude that is absolutely forbidden over cities ... okay. yesterday evening there was a vernissage for an exhibition at the biggest bank in DARMSTADT where both show some highlights of the new book and i got my first copy because of writing some lines beside my most beloved pic: HERRENGARTEN, DARMSTADT'S central park ... every author should write something about DARMSTADT. i did a comparision between FULDA, the city i was born, the city i still feel at home too because of my parents and my brother and his family, friends and a lot of memories from the past and DARMSTADT, the city i live meanwhile since 1988, damn, for 26 years. a lot of people told me that they like the comparision because you have to think a bit before understanding what is meant. and so i am really angry about the guy who did the english translation - he did not understand what i was writing. blockhead, this was the last time, i give something i wrote without an approval to print. the resume: FULDA | DARMSTADT ... it is like it is: HOME! pics | LTG 

sorry, but this is written bullshit: this translation has absolutely nothing to do with the lines i wrote in german ... 
 Georg Sellner CEO of Sparkasse Darmstadt and Christian Grau
 Christian explaining how it works ...
 André explaining what's about flying 



this is the first knife i bought from WOLFGANG c/o PassionFrance® some time ago: a CORSE VENDETTA. with this knife my passion for french knives started. this one is special because of its limited design: the three crosses are showing a triangle. it was the last of this series. the „normal“ version of this VENDETTA with an elegant handle of bones has the crosses set in a straight line. it is told that the roots of this knife lie in the genoa daggers, but not for sure. but for sure is, that this knife wasn't use for working in the garden but for fighting. i don't know if the name comes from the origin meaning of VENDETTA which stands for blood venegance - i have to ask WOLFGANG. i love the really nice so called TAILE DE GUÊPE, the wasp waist. isn't that a beautiful knife? pics | LTG



found this shop because of a post from a BootOC (Boot Owners Club) member. the SNAKE OIL PROVISIONS exclusive POINTER BRAND DOUBLE NEEDLE CHORE JACKET made of duck canvas is so nice. check the details: green double-needle stitching, white contrast breast pocket with snap, antique brass buttons and a pen pocket. the jacket is hand-sewn in bristol, tennessee. with the indigo chore jacket and the navy duck canvas one it is the same: just simple as nice – great. and with the price it is the same. the S.O.P exclusive is 155 $, the indigo denim 135 $ and the navy duck canvas 90$.  pics | Snake Oil Provisions

Shawl Collar Jacket - Indigo Blue Denim
Pointer Brand Unlined Chore Coat, Navy Duck



he guys, today KAMI c/o B-74 told me that the line up for the 5TH birthday event of the shop is fixed. happy to hear that FEINSCHMUCK and PassionFrance® will be in FRANKFURT next saturday 30TH NOVEMBER. FEINSCHMUCK will show a lot of works and the upcoming new collection 2014. WOLFGANG from c/o PassionFrance® will show a selected range of his unique knives. i know what he will bring with him – exciting! so much to see, so much to tell. the event starts at about 12:00 and will end at 20:00. check the schedule below with DUKES, who will do belt customizing, live music by ROB LONGSTAFF, customized worscht, meat & sauces by WURSTFONTAENE and RAKELLE. see you at BERLINER STRASSE 74 in frankfurt next saturday! The pics show some nice works from FEINSCHMUCK, DUKES and PassionFrance i am happy to own. pics | LTG 




yes, yes, yes – this is it! i love the #101 – the POSTMAN. my first pair was a present from KLAUS c/o VOLLS.DE. i know this post is something special for shoe nerds ... but sorry, this is a RED WING SHOE for real RED WING LOVERS and not for fashion pussies! and the best: the customized #101 means for me one step further. hm, what do you think? would you prefer the one with the original cushion sole or the customized #101 one with the nitrile black cork sole, you may know f.ex. from RED WING'S black IRON RANGER #8114? i love the #101 look with this heel construction. it reminds me a classic U.S. navy officer shoe. but i like both and i won't give one of them away because for me they are different shoes. KAMI c/o RED WING SHOE STORE FRANKFURT/GERMANY made the customized #101 for me. i can't remember if the first miles with the original #101 hurt so much as they do with the customized one. damn. everyday i wear them just a few hours indoor and i am happy to get them off. but ... it's okay. the day will come when they got broken – this shoe is worth the trouble! pics | LTG