today i got my new CIGAR LIGHTER by DUPONT, PARIS – in bright orange what else?! now when the evenings get warmer there is nothing better than smoking a cigar and drinking a glass of wine while reading the newspaper on the fresh renovated roof-deck over the tops of DARMSTADT city. so i decided to replace the matches by a contemporary lighter. nice to find a DUPONT for an acceptable price. this one is my third DUPONT. my first, the silver one, i got from my parents when i got eighteen ... well, long time ago. the second i bought about 15 years ago: a vintage line 2 gold combined with “LAQUE DE CHINE” which is really rare to find and so got really expensive now. it is a pity that both vintage lighter don't work anymore. they lose gas in between hours and i brought them 2 times to the service but they could not solve the problem. so i am just happy to hear the unique smart snap sound when opening and closing these 2 DUPONTS. if you compare the sounds of a ZIPPO to DUPONT it is like comparing a CATERPILLAR to a CITROEN DS. pics | LTG