yes, and these are the others ... some of them. f.ex. the JOHNSON MOTORS bandana i own in all color ways you can get: red, dark blue and black. the art work is always the same – and i love this trio a lot, but i don't want to bore you. another very special bandana for me is the BURG & SCHILD 5th anniversary one  – a collaboration between B&S and INDIGOFERA ... nice look and special because of its meaning. pics | LTG

FAT BOY CLOTHING | one of my most beloved bandanas ... actual 2014 collection available @ volls.de
... and: i love anchor ...

Unknown label  | just brought it away from a holiday at german  NORTH SEA | 10,00 € ... love it and little LEVI, too!

JOHNSON MOTORS | another favorite! this is the blue black version. awesome graphics ... own this in dark black and pure red, too.


label unknown | so colorful, so nice, made in the USA


STETSON | a classic one ... so simple ... so nice

BURG & SCHILD 5th anniversary collab with INDIGOFERA | ... something special


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