last weekend i went to MANUFAKTUM FRANKFURT to buy new kitchen knives. my old japanese knives got blunt and the result of a professional cutter grinding wasn't really satisfying: they were still blunt. i thought to buy HERDER knives but after a long and intensive advice by a very kind expert from the MANUFACTUM team i i decided to buy 2 HOHENMOORER knives: one allround COOKING KNIFE made of carbon stelle and a small “OFFICE KNIFE” also made of carbon steel. damn, these knives are not only very nice and perfect by touching but also very practical and easy to handle. just bought i tested these handmade beauties at saturday evening. cutting from meat over vegetables to salad ... always a perfect cut. for more information about HOHENMOORER and the specifications of these carbon steel knives and other types of the collection watch the video below and check http://hohenmoorer-messermanufaktur.de . so, nice, yet to know my next birthday present from the family: the HOHENMOORER VEGETABLE KNIFE ... pics // LTG // vid // Hohenmoorer Messermanufaktur




Hohenmoorer Messermanufaktur from marcellini on Vimeo.