As a constant reader of LIFE TIME GEAR blog you must know that I am a great fan of EBBETS FIELD FLANNELS caps. I own a lot of because I love this heritage, classic and authentic look. Beside, the fit is perfect. When I order a 7 1/4 it is a 7 1/4 – every cap has the same fit and believe me this isn't the norm i f you compare to other labels. Some days ago I discovered the woolen CHARLIE BROWN baseball cap which is the result of a collaboration between 60s counterculture-inspired brand TSPTR – which stand for Truth, Symmetry, Pleasure, Taste, Recognition – and EBBETS FIELD FLANNELS. Certainly made in the USA of a grey melange wool with an adjustable leather tab and calf leather trim. “CHARLIE BROWN” is constructed with the same soft wool which is used for EBBETS' vintage baseball uniforms – great, isn't it? This is my first EBBETS which is not made to size and the fit is perfect too. I know it from the moment on I took it out of the parcel which came from CALIROOTS: this is a new Life Time Gear piece. pics | LTG



Last week I got a big parcel from UWE E MAIER c/o AMTRAQ DISTRIBUTION. What a surprise, he send me the 1ST PAT-RN LANZA JACKET. What an indigo beauty! I was, no I am restless excited about this 1960s Italian work wear inspired jacket. The LANZA is made in Italy of a double indigo selvedge denim. The fit is classical perfect without any needles “Schnick Schnack”, but so nice details like the selvedge seams inside and the horn buttons. It features one button flap chest pocket, 2 lower inset pockets, adjustable cuffs, rounded collar with a detachable throat tab, rear cinch and selvedge detail on the inside placket. It was delivered unwashed –  so the photos I did show the Jacket unwashed. While i am writing this lines LANZA gets its first reversed side wash – cold and light. Because of its nice indigo dying it colors slightly even when I did the photos.The jaakcet is available @ VMC, LowDownondenim, Zenit, JeansLife and The Bureau Belfast, where I got the 2 pics which show the washed LANZA – THX! I am really impressed by this great 1ST PAT-RN stuff – love this stuff expecting some more pieces next time. Christian Berto does a great job.
pics | Life Time Gear || washed Jacket | © The Bureau Belfast



I own a lot of knives but not such a nice combination: The ONDURA pocketknife with its so well done pancake holster – an absolute must have for men loving knives, collecting knives ... The knife is a simple classic German pocketknife, which was developed and produced by famous OTTER-Messer Company in Solingen/Germany. For ONDURA it was really important to get a knife which is made complete traditionally here in Germany. The blade length is 100 mm and made of carbon steel. For safety reasons it is fitted with a backlock. The handles are so nice to touch – in German we call this a “Handschmeichler” –, these are made from olive wood with a nice texture. The brass ONDURA bear in the inlay is not just nice to watch: the bear on the knife and the bear on the holster must be covered by each other – there is only one way to put the knife into the holster: bear over bear. This works perfect! The “pancake” holster is made of two 4mm thick vegetal tanned leather layers  It is clued, sewed and riveted, mould and decorated with the ONDURA bear branding. The edges are brushed and polished. ONDURA offers also the perfect belt for the holster, the Workman Belt in tan. But I think it fits my vintage DUKES belt as good ... Now the holster must age in daily use ... exciting about the look it will get. Guys, this must be one thing written to your x-mas list – time is running ;-) pics | LTG