At first just a “Must-Have-Thing” because of BYRDs the wonderful classic and simple design. Love this. But now – a “Must-Have-Thing” because of the perfect use and results. Found these great pomades @ Soul Objects, Berlin, Germany – where else? And my secret of the perfect use is to use both pomades at the same time – just mixed up. This is an unbeatable mixture in look and hold. Usually I don't like water-based pomades so much because if you did your style, your pomp must last for the rest of the day. When you use a wax based one you always can re-style your pomp or hairdo, but sometimes you need the hold of a water based pomade ... so ... easy ... mix'em up. And I love the citron smell of both so much. What a nice discovery! Thx soul brother Kornelius for offering this great shit made in California, USA, in Berlin and your Online Store! About the pocket comb beside its great look and design: These are made in collaboration with “FUTURE FINS”: “BYRD'S POCKET COMB IS DESIGNED AND MANUFACTURED IN CALIFORNIA UTILIZING A VERSATILE COMPOSITE FROM FUTURES' LEGENDARY SURFBOARD FINS. THIS MATERIAL IS DURABLE,  FLEXIBLE AND COMFORTABLE TO USE WITH ALL HAIR TYPES.” What should I say? Perfect in use too. Men, get your yellow/black BYRD stuff ... you will not have regrets ... pics | LTG



Seems to be a RED WING SHOES week on Life Time Gear. It's about missing time to do this post much earlier. Some weeks ago I took this beauty with me from volls.de to the LTG Central – an absolute Must-Have for me. I think for a lot of other so-called RWS fans not, because of its pure, so classic and unusual “not so contemporary fashion compatible” look. And I think to recognize that this Postman wasn't bespoken so often when it was launched ... whatever I love it, but the boot distresses me so much. It's the same as it was with the “normal” low #101 POSTMAN when I wore it the first miles. The #9197 is modeled after that famous #101 style. But when you broke the boot it will be a companion for life ... Life Team Gear! Indestructible with its Black Chaparral leather, the black cushion crepe and wedge outsole. And again: this is a RWS Model that will be just available for a limited time – good to know! The #9197 is available @ volls.de – not online right now, because there will be a relaunch of the shop for the upcoming winter season soon, send Klaus an email – or @ the Red Wing Stores around the world f.ex. Red Wing Frankfurt. pics | LTG



@ first some really great news for all RWS aficionados: The Online Store of Red Wing Shoe Store Frankfurt, Germany, has reopened after a complete relaunch: www.redwingfrankfurt.com! And I love this clean graphic style so much. I do not want to see the 877th rugged or vintage look-a-like page. Complements. Kami you did a perfect job with your team! So we did a test shopping some days before the shop went online ... the result was the brand new limited RED WING #8882 – a perfect online order: Ordered in the morning and the next day the boot arrived. The online order process itself is very simple, fast and smooth ... it works!

Constant readers of LTG Blog know that I like blue RWS a lot. Two years ago I got the indigo colored classic work #8100 Oxford from Japan and I still love it. The #8882 is the same shoe just 6" high like the classic #875, moc toed, made of Indigo Portage Leather and completed by the Traction Tred Cushion Crepe Wedge. Very nice is the brown ending of the bootleg – a small detail, but I love the contrast between the rich blue and brown leather. Another nice feature: you don't get only the standard Red Wing Shoe Laces but a second pair made of leather. The leather laces look very nice but for me these are not so practical. Okay guys ... these blue beauties are limited – order your #8882 @ Red Wing Shoe Store Frankfurt online right now. pics | LTG



Last Sunday I went to B74, Frankfurt/Main, Germany to visit my buddy Kami. B74 was open on Sunday because in Frankfurt there was the gigantic “25-Years-German-Wiedervereinings-Party” – most shops opened their doors and the city was crowded. This little LEVI'S LEATHER GOODS gimmick was lying at the desk and it looked so wonderful – just while lying there as it wanted to say: come and take me with you ;-) ... but Kami: “Not for sale ... even for buddies – no chance”. Okay, he just got 2 of these and the first owner of this pretty hand-stitched baseball was standing beside me. So proud of his daily companion. This piece of leather is really nice to touch and to handle, press and turn around in the hand ... so f***ing relaxing. But this short story came to an happy end, because Kami gave it to me – he wants to check LEVI'S for a third one. Unfortunately I can't give you further informations about the ball because you don't find anything about in wwww – no chance – and I do not know anything about the history of baseballs and how they are made. When I got the ball out of the cotton bag I put some RED WING SHOES mink oil on it. The ball got an even better touch and a nicer color – I am excited about how my new „Handschmeichler“ will age ... pics | LTG