Some weeks ago I got this awesome “Grooming Package” from my soul brother Kornelius c/o Soulobjects.de, Berlin. The IRON SOCIETY POMADE he send me in all three versions, is from this day on my absolutely favorite pomade. The benefit is, that you just can use the type of pomade you need for the day. From firm hold – as its name says with a stronger grip – over a normal hold that keeps the hair under control for “that neat freshly combed look” to a water soluble pomade with a medium firm hold. All types have unbeatable smells: aromatic, fresh and clean but at the same very masculine and dirty – perfect. I get the best results by mixing the water soluble pomade with the firm hold one or the normal hold one. Another effect by mixing the classic petroleum based pomades with the water soluble one is, that the wash out works perfect. Each jar of pomade is handmade right there by the THE IRON SOCIETY in Brooklyn, NY, USA. In Germany you just can get these wonderful grooming products exclusively @ soulobjects.de, Berlin. With this LINK you can read a nice review from an absolute pomade expert from the great THE POMP blog. pics | LTG || film | THE POMP




Some weeks ago I went to a small fair in Mainz which travels through Germany the “Stijl DesignMarkt”. There I met one of the Elwert Brothers and picked up a new GIN and a liquor made of 11 precious herbs called GYLD. After I tried both I must tell you that both are amazing – the taste is very well. GYLD is a well balanced mix of german and some foreign herbs f. ex. ginger, vanilla, cardamom and star anis. The taste is so unique and smooth. As I remember the father of the Elwerts was a pharmacist in 3rd-generation in Böhmenkirch near Augsburg, Bavaria, and he developed and sold this liquor to the folks who appreciated now named GYLD as a well healing medicine: A so called “Lebenselixir” in german – an elixir for life. 2013 the Elwert brothers began to promote GYLD in a new and temporary way. Furthermore they created a new DRY GIN named “GOLDBERNER” and the peppermint liquor “WEISSER PFEFFER” (white pepper). The peppermint liquor I did not tried yet. “GOLDBERNER” is a wonderful fresh and natural tasting GIN done from the ingredients and botanicals of GYLD with an incisive note of juniper and spurs of orange peel. I love the really fruity taste of this 45 Vol. % strong Dry Gin. Guys – just taste it. The Elwert Brothers have a well designed website where you can order this tasty stuff: gebruederelwert.de 
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Hi guys, long time no blog ... I am sorry, but my real life needs me: toooooo much work, a lot of trouble the last weeks.  I hope it will get better now. Yesterday I wore these amazing customized ALDEN x VOLLS INDY BOOTS for the first time after customized by INGO KELLER who runs SCHUHGOTT in Cologne, Germany. And I must tell you, that these boots were much more comfortable to wear than before: great walking. I bought these ALDEN x VOLLS cooperation boot 2 years ago and I wore it just several times. I am not a friend of “just leather soles”. I know that a lot of you will say “Damn this boot looks quiet smarter with a pure leather sole”, but I didn't like it. I wore too often work boots and heavy western boots. When I wear a boot or a shoe with a leather sole I have the feeling wearing ballet shoes, not to mention about the grip. INGO put classic DAINITE sole and heel under a double leather sole construction and I love the look now – and the comfortably. A really clean and perfect work for my now daily ALDEN. If you want to customize your boots or shoes just contact INGO. He is open minded to your wishes and a specialist for Red Wing Shoes resoling:

SCHUHGOTT by Ingo Keller
Wittgensteinstr. 35 | 50931 Köln
Fon 0221/402583 | nfo@schuhgott.de
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