Hi guys, long time no blog ... I am sorry, but my real life needs me: toooooo much work, a lot of trouble the last weeks.  I hope it will get better now. Yesterday I wore these amazing customized ALDEN x VOLLS INDY BOOTS for the first time after customized by INGO KELLER who runs SCHUHGOTT in Cologne, Germany. And I must tell you, that these boots were much more comfortable to wear than before: great walking. I bought these ALDEN x VOLLS cooperation boot 2 years ago and I wore it just several times. I am not a friend of “just leather soles”. I know that a lot of you will say “Damn this boot looks quiet smarter with a pure leather sole”, but I didn't like it. I wore too often work boots and heavy western boots. When I wear a boot or a shoe with a leather sole I have the feeling wearing ballet shoes, not to mention about the grip. INGO put classic DAINITE sole and heel under a double leather sole construction and I love the look now – and the comfortably. A really clean and perfect work for my now daily ALDEN. If you want to customize your boots or shoes just contact INGO. He is open minded to your wishes and a specialist for Red Wing Shoes resoling:

SCHUHGOTT by Ingo Keller
Wittgensteinstr. 35 | 50931 Köln
Fon 0221/402583 | nfo@schuhgott.de
SCHUHGOTT auf Facebook

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Unknown said...

Really nice variety of looks. Something for everyone I'm sure. I'm partial to a floppy hat myself and I'm loving those cowboy boots to

Unknown said...

nice western apparel reviews

Jims linda said...

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