2 new knives join my knife collection. Again 2 knives from my friends @ PassionFrance®. I am not a big fan of LAGUIOLE knives but when I saw this piece made with an INOX handle I knew it was a must-have. I like the cold and square-edged grip of this cool and clean knife a lot. Take a look at the smart ornaments, clear lines. It is about 11cm long when it is closed with a welded bee. The Sandwik blade is rust free. For more information please check the PassionFrance® site – there is too much to say about LAGUIOLE ... The second knife i had to have is this wonderful THIERS liner-lock with a handle made of buckhorn. The absolute opposite to the INOX handle: a nature textured grip – organic. The THIERS is very clean done too: pure clear lines, no needles bric-a-brac, and easy to handle. I love it! More information: PassionFrance®. For sure all knives are made by hand in France! pics | LTG


Unknown said...

One of the most in depth beginner’s pocket knife review I have seen. Well done.

James harper said...

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Christopher said...

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