... sounds strange. But it would be a perfect combination. Both parts are available at “COOL MATERIAL”. Made out of brass designed by Good Worth. “Throw out all the boring split key rings you've spent the better part of your lifetime collecting in favor of the Good Luck Key Ring from Good Worth” ... oh yes! “Then there's the closed horseshoe shape that actually works better than the traditional split ring when you're attaching things like car remotes and carabiners. These are both reason enough to pick up a few. That said, our favorite feature has to be the "Good Luck Motherf**ker" engraving on side of the ring. It's small enough that almost no one will notice it unless you point it out, but you'll get a nice little positive affirmation every time you grab your keys.” A Must-Have Life Time Gear! You'll find much more great stuff at “Cool Material” – for sure no mainstream ... I love this little things! LTG PROOFED! © Photos: Cool Material

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